What we do
Vision Experts delivers custom machine vision algorithms, bespoke libraries and complete application solutions into industry.


Vision Experts Gecko software powers high speed video recording systems in multiple industries. Simple, fast and robust, recording video from specialist and high speed machine vision cameras using both Gigabit cameras and USB3 has never been so accessible. Learn more on the Gecko micro site.

Gecko connects to machine vision cameras using the Common Vision Blox (CVB) software from Stemmer Imaging.

A special 12 camera version was developed for onboard the car with 3 cameras streaming live from the moving vehicle.



Vision Experts FlexInspect, part of Stemmer Imaging Common Vision Blox is distributed across Europe for industries looking to inspect and verify difficult and variable products such as textiles, holograms and other products with difficult to quantify variations.

Using machine learning algorithms to train a model of the product, it becomes possible to ignore the expected changes in a product, whilst still detecting abnormalities.

Sport Vision

Vision Experts Sports Vision technology powers FlightPath – the machine vision technology behind auto scoring at Flight Club Darts in Shoreditch.

Our vision algorithms are able to perform precise camera auto-calibration from natural images, without requiring custom calibration targets or pre-calibrated cameras.

Our depth perception and multi-camera pose estimation algorithms are able to compute the precise position and orientation of multiple darts to sub-millimetre precision in a fraction of a second. Coupled with game technology from Remo the game of darts will never be the same.

1/11/2016 - SMVC is now owned by Flight Club IP Ltd and all enquiries should be directed to Flight Club Darts Ltd.